Hi there! My name is Hema Reddy, and I started Sneaky Apron to share helpful information with other parents, and spouses who are looking for creative, smart, sometimes sneaky ways to include more vegetables, plant based proteins, whole grains and so called 'superfoods' into their daily lifestyle. 

Photo Credit: Anna Hogan Photography

So, I had to get creative in my kitchen.. cooking up meals that are familiar, like pastas, nuggets, fish cakes, breads, smoothies, even desserts that have a fair share of veggies and or whole grains and fruits.

2013: My fiesty little firecracker is born and she seems to eat everything for the two years and then just suddenly stops!

Now, I am not going to wait until they realize how important it is to eat well balanced meals, am I?

And hence over the years I have mastered this art of making delicious taste buds and texture friendly foods that serve my family's big appetite. Yes, they are good eaters but just need the right presentation :)

This is our happy little family!

Photo Credit: Meera Images; Right to left - My super loving husband, 7 yr old ninja, me, 3 yr old princess


My Story

I have been a tech professional for 15 years, with roles in software development, strategic alliances, and marketing. With a super successful career going on full steam, I was still lacking a sense of fulfillment. I wanted to do more. 

March 2009. Our precious son was born. He had an issue - gagging on things with the slightest texture and super picky! I was dealing with a challenge - my husband and son would not eat vegetables, or..grains..or anything that has an unfamiliar texture. That was a BIG problem, at least in my eyes, given I am a little stickler for balanced nutritious meals.

Photo Credit: Meera Image, Austin TX

Photo Credit: Meera Image, Austin TX

What gave me the most elated feeling, was when I would cook up recipes with particular attention to good quality ingredients and taste, and suited to the ultra particular eaters in the family. After all happy bellies = happy family, right? 

Meanwhile, I started receiving quite a few compliments, and requests for recipes from friends and family. Just seeing their kids and adults gobble down a cup of hidden kale or brussel sprouts or flax seeds and such, I have to say - is pretty freaking awesome!!



So true. I ran into some of the memorable quotes by Steve Jobs walking through the Apple HQ in Cupertino California, and something stirred. I couldn't get the #YOLO mantra out of my head. After much turmoil and deliberation, I finally took a leap of faith. I quit.



This is the grand plan:

  • Share my kitchen tips and healthy recipes, as well as foodie travel experiences.
  • Launch packaged food products that are tasty and provide a well balanced meal.
  • Launch DIY guides to help your family eat better, perhaps launch a cookbook too!

Stay tuned, join our weekly tips newsletter and get just a bit sneaky in your kitchen!