All in Picky kids

How to make cauliflower mac-n-cheese that will keep you wanting more!

Sauliflower is so rich in fiber and vitamin C that I always try and include it as much as possible. When you roast them with a spoonful of ghee and salt and pepper, they are just divine. Here's a neat way to make some for the whole family. Roast, and toss it in a salad for the grownups and blend for the picky eaters and mix with mac n cheese for the picky eaters! Everyone is happy!!

Pancakes in a cup!

Hidden veggies and grains: beets, spinach, wheat

August was my most proud month ever as I happened to introduce beets and spinach in their true color within an all time breakfast and dessert favorite - pancakes and cupcakes! What more, the colors were so fun that no one asked for frosting on the cupcake, I still wonder how did that happen ;)